Are your Brushes to Blame?

Do you get breakouts often? Are you guilty of not cleaning you makeup brushes? Those dirty brushes may be contributing to your breakouts. Brushes are huge germ collectors! Every time you put that dirty brush to your face you’re spreading bacteria and germs. 

You should wash your brushes throughly at least once a week. This is what I call a deep clean. Just wash gently with a mild shampoo, rinse throughly and lay flat to dry overnight. (It's better if you can hang them brush down but this is tricky so stay tuned for an upcoming post) If you dry them brush up, then any left over water will seep into the handle and break down the glue that holds the brush together. If once a week just seems too much work, you can postpone your deep cleaning by doing light cleaning between. The best way to do this is get a spray brush cleaner. I love the brush cleaner by cinema secrets, it's a bright blue vanilla scented cleaner. But you can skip the brand stuff and make your own DIY - cleaner. Just mix, one-part soap, to three-parts water in a small spray bottle. Spray/mist your brushes and then wipe away on a clean paper towel, repeat until product residue no longer transfers. 

If you have bad skin most people recommend you cleanse and tone your face, lots of people go though product after product trying to reduce breakouts but if you're washing your face and then rubbing germs right back on with your makeup brushes then what's the point? Having clean brushes drastically improved the condition of my skin, it might just help yours too!

This is also why it's so important to make sure your Makeup artist is cleanly!