Favourite Foundation Dupe!

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 11.24.45 AM.png


As you may know MUFE is my favourite foundation, and what I love to use for my clients. However it has a fairly lofty price tag at about $45 a bottle. Do not despair I have found an affordable alternative! NXY HD Studio Photogenic Foundation. The coverage and texture of this foundation is very similar to the MUFE brand, however is less than half the cost at $17. The only con of this product is the limited selection of shades. There is a very pale option so if you are fair skinned and even the lightest shade you find most foundations too dark for you,  I'd say give this a try. NYX also does a good job at providing a dark complexion match, where it lacks are in the options for in-between shades. But even if you have to buy two foundations, to mix your perfect shade (which I highly recommend) it's still cheaper than the MUFE alternative. 

Pro Tip: Never match your foundation to your face, always swatch your colour on your neck or collar bone, this is the best way to avoid that 'mask' look with your foundation.