Face Primer Review

Baby Skin Pore Eraser by Maybelline


I've always been a skeptic of Face Primers because they usually run at about $35-45 and if you have a great moisturizer and a good foundation then what do you need a face primer for? But I thought to myself, "Give it a chance, who knows it might be revolutionary," and when I saw this dupe online by Maybelline for only $11 dollars I knew I had to at least try it. This is supposed to be comparable to the Benefit POREfessional face primer, pore minimizer. So I tried it on it's own and under my foundation and I have to say on it's own over problem areas it's pretty magical. If you have large pores it really does blur them and make them look less prominent. I don't really have large pores and I thought that it was pretty remarkable. When I put it all over my face in preparation for my foundation I really disliked the texture of this product, it felt like a a silky film all over my face, like a sheet of spiderweb if that makes any sense.  But I continued on, I left it for a minute or so to let it perhaps dry slightly but I don't feel like this made much of a difference, and then applied my foundation. This was a major issue for me, I thought the purpose of this product was to make your foundation go on smoother and give you a more flawless completion. To my disbelief it made my foundation completely unwearable. It became chalky and textured, and then it turned into this awful flaky, cracking appearance. This was with my NXY HD foundation, I worried perhaps it was a quality issue and switched to my more expensive MUFE foundation and found the results the same. Needless to say I will not be wearing this under foundation. However I will say if you have a day where you want to look natural but still pretty, and your only real skin issue is with the size of your pores, on it's own this product is very interesting and worth a try. 

I have to reporat that I am still a skeptic and I'm very hesitant to drop nearly $40 dollars to try the 'real' stuff but perhaps it will be a future review.