Makeup Tips for Pictures!

We all know with twitter, instagram and facebook, that photos are a huge part of our social life, we want to share our various shenanigans with our friends via the interwebs! But we've all had those terrible photos taken where we're washed out, shiny, or ghostly. Just plain unflattering. I'm going to share some of my great makeup tips for pictures.

1. Don't use primer, moisturizer or foundation with SPF if you're going to be taking photos. The sunscreen in the product will reflect the light and cause flares, causing you to look extra pale and ghostly.

2. When matching your foundation, always swatch the product on your collarbone. You want your foundation to blend down into your neck. This will help you avoid that mask look when your foundation and skin tones are unmatched.

3. Try to stick to matte makeup. Anything with a lot of shimmer or glitter won't photograph well you'll end up with shiny spots that look like oil or sweat. Pearlized shadows are great for highlight though, a little in the inner corners of your eyes and it will brighten them right up.

4. Use a yellow/neutral tinted finishing powder. Avoid translucent or white HD powders, they will also give that shiny, reflective quality in your photos.

5. Create contrast. Using contrasting colours of dark and light, the camera will more easily pick this up and therefore give you a clearer more striking image. If you usually use brown eyeliner or mascara opt for black instead. You can also create contrast with contour. Using a bronzer in the hallows of your cheeks, along the bottom of your jawline, and on the sides of your nose will give the appearance of more defined features. 

6. Add colour. Don't skip your blush or your lipstick. These steps help add dimension to your face and prevent the photo from flattening your face. 

7. This is not the day to experiment. Don't stray too much from what you know and love about your makeup routine. 

8. If possible do your makeup somewhere where you have access to natural light, this will help you notice any poor blending or imperfections in your makeup application. 

Hope these tips helped, happy picture taking!