Make the most of your Mascara

Tip 1: Do you use an eyelash curler? No? Why not?  Curling your lashes is the most immediate way to open up your eyes and make them appear larger. I know they seem like scary eye-cages. But I promise with a little practice you’ll be asking, “What took me so long!”

Tip 2: If you’re already a pro at curling your lashes, try heating your eyelash curler slightly with a hair dryer. Just enough that it’s warm, too hot and you’ll burn yourself. By warming the curler you’ll get a longer lasting curl.

Tip 3: To get those super thick and dramatic lashes, dust your lashes with some translucent powder before applying your mascara. You’ll look a little silly but after you apply your mascara you’ll have lashes that look just like falsies.

Tip 4: Many of us reserve the waterproof mascara for the beach, pool, sweaty workouts, days where you know you'll be crying (hopefully happy tears) or just plain old rainy days. But if you want that curl to hold you have to reach for the the waterproof mascara. The added wax and silicon in waterproof mascara makes it more long lasting than your regular everyday mascara. 

Tip 5: Avoid pumping the wand of your mascara, it forces air into the tube and will make it dry out faster. When trying to add product to your wand, insert it into the tube and then swirl before removing to maximize the amount of product.