Eyeliner Dupe

Graphic eye liner has been a trend for awhile now, and everyone loves a fierce winged cat eye. It's fashionable and it elongates your eyes, giving you that sexy, but I'm dangerous vibe. I think you get the same kind of feeling from a nice pair of black stiletto's.  However with spring (hopefully) on it's way, I think the next up and coming eye makeup trend is coloured liners. Coloured liner is a great way to add colour to your look without always having to do a bright lip.

One of my favourite liner collections are the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils. They are known for their super long lasting formula, and their anti-transfer quality. But at $20 a pencil that can be a bit much, especially if you want a handful of different colours. Scandaleyes Waterproof Eye Pencils from Rimmel are your perfect dupe! You can get this liner for just $4.50! I will say the only major difference is the colour selection, Rimmel has 10 available colours at the moment, but it's hard to compete with UD's 40 options. However the 10 colours of the Scandaleyes collection are super pigmented, glide on super smooth, and are just as long lasting as the UD Pencils. Both brands are great for contact wearers as they don't bleed or transfer. If you have to have that one obscure statement colour then you may have to splurge for that that UD liner. If you are looking for a handful of staple colours and want something that will last and last the Rimmel pencils are overall a great buy. 

Happy Shopping!