Brushes and Foundation Haul!


It has arrived! The refills of the Makeup Forever foundation, and my new brushes (the part I'm actually geeking out about!) 

The Makeup forever foundation is what I use on every client for their foundation, it is a more pricey product running about $46 a bottle, but the four shades I use (117, 153, 155, and 177) are perfect for creating almost any skin colour, I also keep correctors in purple and green on hand. It is by far my favourite foundation and this is one of those cases where cost does equate to quality, if you're going to splurge on anything in your makeup bag it should be your foundation. 

Now on to the BRUSHES!  I did a lot of research before I decided to buy these brushes. They looked a little sketchy, and they were suspiciously inexpensive. The brand is called Sixplus, I ordered mine off amazon. The bottom set (9) and the top left (3) came together with the black carrying case for $35 (+S&H) and the remaining brushes (10) cost $25 (+S&H) a complete steal. I thought, "It has to be too good to be true!". Despite my doubt and too my disbelief they are wonderful! I had read several reviews and watched some impressions videos; many beauty gurus compared them to the expensive Stila brushes. This is what we all like to call a Dupe, an inexpensive but equal quality product to a high-end brand. I have to say after using them for the past week I am absolutely in love. 

Stay tuned for a more thorough review of each set!